Administrative Services

BSG offers specialty administrative services including COBRA administration, a call center, benefit advocacy, dependent eligibility verification, fulfillment services, retiree support and unified billing.

Let us help make your job easier.

COBRA Administration

BSG’s COBRA administration services support all parts of the COBRA process, such as:

Dependent Eligibility Verification

BSG’s dependent eligibility verification services can save you money by identifying dependents who are not eligible for coverage. An audit completed for a client with 22,000 members provided more than one million dollars in savings!

See our Case Studies for examples of how dependent eligibility auditing has resulted in huge savings for our clients.

Benefit Advocacy

Complicated claims issues can be confusing, frustrating and time consuming. Our benefit advocacy services assist your employees and Human Resources department with resolving these types of issues.

Call Center

Calls for assistance are answered by someone who listens, understands, and is there to help in every way possible. Our customer-oriented call center specialists respond to over 50,000 calls annually. Features include:


BSG’s fulfillment department takes your service package through the final steps of assembly and mailing of printed materials, including compliance mailings and enrollment packets.

Retiree Support

BSG’s retiree support services let you focus on your current employee population. Initial notification, retiree enrollment and ongoing services include:

Unified Billing

Imagine receiving a single statement, broken down by line of coverage and itemized by employee—and all you need to do is cut a single check for the total.

Upon receiving your payment, we send a check to each vendor and reconcile the participants against their statements. The billing specialist handling your account establishes open and frequent communication with you to ensure premiums are paid accurately and on time, and that eligibility is updated on a timely basis.

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